About Us

Golden Gate Audubon is dedicated to protecting Bay Area birds, other wildlife, and their natural habitats. We conserve and restore wildlife habitats, connect people of all ages and backgrounds with the natural world, and educate and engage Bay Area residents in the protection of our shared, local environment.

Golden Gate Audubon is an independent, nonprofit organization with its own membership, budget and programs. Although we are a chapter of National Audubon, becoming a Supporting Member of Golden Gate Audubon is separate and distinct from membership in the National Audubon Society. Golden Gate Audubon Supporting Members receive The Gull newsletter, and play a critical role in protecting local birds and their habitats.

101 Years of Conservation

Since 1917, Golden Gate Audubon has been a leader in Bay Area conservation efforts. In 2017 we  will be celebrating a century of environmental activism and education in the central Bay Area. Find out more about our conservation victories, or see the map of where we’ve worked.

Where We Work

Golden Gate Audubon focuses on protecting native birds and other wildlife species in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly in the City and County of San Francisco and western Alameda and Contra Costa counties (see map). We also inspire Bay Area residents to promote our mission on a national and global level.

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