Get ready for Birdathon 2017!


Springtime means nesting, migrants, bird song and… Birdathon!  Our biggest and most enjoyable fundraiser of the year takes place throughout the month of April. Choose from two dozen exciting field trips and behind-the-scenes tours. Then raise money from friends like a walkathon! New trips this year include Raptors at Skaggs Island: Wine and Birds in Livermore Valley; Best of South Bay Birding; Bird Banding with SFBBO; and a behind-the-scenes tour of Pixar that includes a Q&A with the creator of Piper, their animated short about an adorable shorebird chick.

Nervous about fundraising? This year, we’re offering a fundraising training session paired with a Bob Lewis bird walk at Coyote Hills! It’s on March 12, which will give you plenty of time to put your newfound fundraising confidence to work. (P.S. If you really don’t want to fundraise, you can make a tax-deductible Birdathon contribution instead… but we hope you’ll try fundraising.)

Everyone who raises or donates $100 or more will receive a complimentary Birdathon 2017 t-shirt with our Least Tern logo!

Click here for the full list of Birdathon trips and registration links. Click here to set up your fundraising page, or here for general information on Birdathon. And mark your calendar now for this year’s Birdathon Awards Celebration, on Saturday May 13!

What's New?


Spring migration = Lights Out season

By Ilana DeBare

Three Canadian scientists set out to study the effect of human light on bird migration. They recorded the vocal activity of birds flying over unlit rural areas near the Great Lakes, and compared that with similar rural areas that had human lights at ground level.

They found nearly three times the number of calls…

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Final Report on 2016 Oakland CBC

By Dave Quady and Bob Lewis

[This report is also available as a PDF for easy printing and sharing. Click here for the PDF version.]

After 2015’s memorable 75th anniversary count a letdown seemed inevitable, and our expectations dropped further when a terrific rainstorm moved in three days prior to count day. But when owlers…

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Do birds love? (an ongoing argument)

By Joe Galkowski

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate romantic love, so I thought I would pose the question, “Do birds love?”

Scientists will say this question has been definitively answered with a big “no.” There are other scientists, however, who are just as sure it is “yes.”…

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