Common Loon and chick, by Daniel Poleschook Jr. and Ginger Poleschook

Conservation of Common Loons

in Washington

Thursday, February 15 in Berkeley

Common Loons are a charismatic species that faces many reproductive challenges. While 50 years ago they bred in northern California, today northern Washington is the southwestern edge of their North American breeding range. The Poleschooks started out photographing Washington state loons in 1996, and their work turned into a large-scale conservation effort. Cooperation between government agencies, Audubon groups, and individuals has led to successful outcomes there.

Daniel Poleschook, Jr. and Ginger Poleschook have been studying Common Loons in Washington for more than two decades. They also photograph other waterbird species and provide their images to scientific journals and other publications.

Date:   Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time:   6:30 p.m.refreshments, 7 p.m. speaker

Place:  Northbrae Community Center

Cost:    Free for GGAS members, $5 for non-members

Please note: The print edition of our Gull newsletter listed the incorrect venue. This event is in Berkeley, not San Francisco. 

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