December 6, 2019 – Tilden Park Nature Area

December 6,  2019
Leader(s): Alan Kaplan
# of participants: 20
# of species: 31

Our walk went to Jewel Lake and back to the Visitor Center parking lot on the road.

Termites at the visitor center were fed on by Steller’s Jay, Dark-eyed Junco and Brown Creeper. The subterranean termites emerge around 10am on the next sunny day after the first heavy rain.  Ospreys (2) flew overhead. Lots of Ruby-crowned Kinglets today, good views of the red crown feathers. Theme was winter survival strategies of birds, and a brief talk about Red Crossbills, which had appeared in November but were not around recently. 

Our annual book exchange was held, thanks to the donors. There will be a December 26 Hunt-the-Wren-Day/ St. Stephen’s Day walk at the usual time and place.  View today’s  checklist online at