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Vollmer Peak: Birding Hotspot March 9, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Birding Hotspots. Tags: Berkeley wildlife, Birding hotspots, East Bay Birding, East Bay Regional Park District, Tilden Park, Vollmer Peak.

By Denise Wight

Vollmer Peak in Tilden Regional Park, at an elevation of 1,905 feet, is one of the highest peaks in the Berkeley Hills. With relatively easy access, one can enjoy not only diverse birding but incredible views. On a clear day the Farallon Islands appear to balance on the western horizon, and to the east you can see the outline of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Range across the Central Valley. Thanks to the foresight of the founders of the East …

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Celebrating conservation success with art May 30, 2012

Posted by Ilana DeBare in Conservation. Tags: bird art, Brown Pelican, Celebration, Clapper Rail, conservation success stories, nature art, Palau Owl, Robbie Brandwynne, Tilden Park, wildlife art.

By Ilana DeBare

We’re sadly accustomed to stories of environmental tragedy – dying coral reefs, melting ice caps, rivers with no salmon. Shouldn’t we also highlight stories of conservation success, where species are brought back from the brink of extinction?

That was Robbie Brandwynne’s idea when she decided to organize Celebration, an art exhibit on display through Aug. 31 at the Environmental Education Center in Tilden…

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