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Award-Winning Watershed Warriors December 4, 2018

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By Leslie Weir


“Why is there so much trash?”

“Why do people throw so much trash in the water?”

These are the questions GGAS Youth Programs Manager, Clayton Alexander, most often hears when his Eco-Education students first see the unending line of trash that appears along the San Francisco Bay shoreline as the winter rains flush garbage and debris through the watershed. This line of inquiry is full of opportunity for Clay. It allows him to…

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Birds and Beginning Sailors October 10, 2018

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By Marjorie Powell and Linda Carloni

It all started with a comment at a GGAS Centennial Celebration in spring 2017.
Photographs of birds in Alameda were on display. A member of the Board of an Alameda sailing camp mused about the variety of birds that might be seen at the camp and wondered if a birding class for the sailing students might be possible. It was late to set something up for that summer, but persistence and networking paid off and Marjorie made contact…

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Flight of the Condors August 8, 2018

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By Taylor Crisologo

The air was cool and crisp. It was just before sunrise, so you could begin to see swatches of color painting the sky. On the horizon, the twisting curves of the mountains were beginning to be illuminated. We were the only ones awake at this hour in the small motel. Our bags packed, we walked outside into the dawn.

I’ve been a birder since my first months in college. There, I discovered a community of people that were just as in love with nature…

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Oakland Zoo Celebrates Locals (in more ways that you think!) July 23, 2018

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by Leslie Storer

The Oakland Zoo has just opened California Trail, a series of habitats featuring species that are currently or were once found in California. This is a theme near and dear to my heart. My career path found me interpreting wild animals from around the world to zoo guests. The whole time I asked myself, ‘What about the species in our backyard?’

California Trail is home to black bears, brown bears, jaguars, mountain lions, bison, gray wolves

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Tiny nest box camera = big schoolyard excitement August 14, 2017

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By Ilana DeBare

You’re probably seen our amazingly intimate video feed from an Osprey nest on the Richmond shoreline — the first live Osprey nest cam in the Bay Area.

But the Osprey video feed wasn’t our only peek into avian family life this year.

Golden Gate Audubon Society’s Eco-Education program used tiny digital cameras to give kids a close-up view of eggs and chicks inside schoolyard nest boxes this spring. They were thrilled!…

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Eco-Ed students discover wild San Francisco June 26, 2017

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By Sharon Beals

An energetic and slightly raucous hike up the trail through the canyon was just what the classroom of fourth graders from Bayshore Elementary in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood needed after their morning bus ride to Glen Park.

The air was fresh, newly green willows blazed, and Islais Creek was brimming. In no time Anthony DeCicco, Golden Gate Audubon Society’s Eco-Education organizer, leader, and magician, was …

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Nest box success stories July 11, 2016

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By Ilana DeBare

In 2015, our Eco-Education program in Richmond added a component on Bird-Friendly Schools, where elementary school students enhanced their schoolyards with nest boxes and native plants.

This year, we expanded the nest box program to nearby park lands!

Fourth graders from Montalvin, Stege, and Lake Elementary Schools built twelve wooden nest boxes and installed them in nearby Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, where our Eco-Ed field trips…

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