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Award-Winning Watershed Warriors December 4, 2018

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By Leslie Weir


“Why is there so much trash?”

“Why do people throw so much trash in the water?”

These are the questions GGAS Youth Programs Manager, Clayton Alexander, most often hears when his Eco-Education students first see the unending line of trash that appears along the San Francisco Bay shoreline as the winter rains flush garbage and debris through the watershed. This line of inquiry is full of opportunity for Clay. It allows him to…

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Keep Our Parks Healthy: Vote Yes on Measure FF November 2, 2018

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By Pam Young


In 2004, the East Bay Regional Park District won 72% approval from East Bay voters in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Alameda, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Albany, Emeryville and Piedmont to commit $12 per year as a parcel tax under Measure CC. This measure provided over $37.4 million dollars during the past 15 years and funds park infrastructure, maintenance, safety, and services.

During 2017, the East Bay Regional Park District (the EBRPD)…

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Butterflies of Pier 94 November 15, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon. Tags: butterflies, habitat restoration, moths, Pier 94, San Francisco butterflies, San Francisco wildlife.

By Ilana DeBare

We often talk about the bird life at Pier 94, the former waterfront dump site owned by the Port of San Francisco that we have been restoring as wildlife habitat since 2002. But Pier 94 is also becoming rich habitat for butterflies!

With support from a private family foundation, we contracted with San Francisco lepidopterist Liam O’Brien to conduct a year-long survey of butterflies, moths, and their host plants at Pier 94. Liam’s…

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First BioBlitz at Pier 94 finds 168 species May 3, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon. Tags: bioblitz, citizen science, habitat restoration, Pier 94, Port of San Francisco, volunteers.

By Ilana DeBare

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count has been called the grandparent of all citizen science events. That might make a BioBlitz the newest grandchild – young, tech-savvy, and inviting all ages to play.

Like a CBC, a BioBlitz mobilizes regular citizens to document their nature sightings during a 24-hour period of time. But it includes not just birds but all kinds of living things, from grasses and lichens to insects, mammals, and mollusks.…

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Nesting season prep at the Bison Paddock March 27, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon. Tags: Bison Paddock, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Golden Gate Park, habitat restoration, S.F. Recreation and Park Department, volunteers, White-crowned Sparrow.

For the fifth consecutive year, Golden Gate Audubon Society is partnering with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department to create nesting opportunities for White-crowned Sparrows, Tree Swallows, Western Bluebirds, and other species at the Bison Paddock in Golden Gate Park.

GGAS volunteers work with park department staff once a month to create habitat and maintain nest boxes at the edge of the paddock.

During their most recent work day in March,…

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Five years of Snowy Plover habitat help March 2, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon. Tags: Crissy Field, Golden Gate Audubon Society, habitat restoration, Presidio, Snowy Plovers, volunteers, Western Snowy Plovers.

By Corny Foster and Matthew Zlatunich

This March marks the fifth anniversary of Golden Gate Audubon Society’s Snowy Plover Habitat Maintenance Program at Crissy Field. During monthly volunteer sessions, we’ve learned a lot about the habitat and avian residents at Crissy Field beach. We’ve also learned a lot – maybe more than we wanted – about the trash that shows up there.

To mark the fifth anniversary, here’s a history and progress report…

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Long-lost plant returns to life at Pier 94 July 25, 2016

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon. Tags: Bay Nature, California sea-blite, habitat restoration, Pier 94.

Editor’s Note: Sea-blite is an endangered shoreline plant that had not been seen in the Bay Area since the 1950s — until it was recently re-introduced at Pier 94, the onetime dump site owned by the Port of San Francisco that Golden Gate Audubon is restoring as wildlife habitat. The following is an excerpt from an article on sea-blite in the current issue of Bay Nature magazine. Click here to read the full article. 

By Eric Simons

To get…

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