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Award-Winning Watershed Warriors December 4, 2018

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By Leslie Weir


“Why is there so much trash?”

“Why do people throw so much trash in the water?”

These are the questions GGAS Youth Programs Manager, Clayton Alexander, most often hears when his Eco-Education students first see the unending line of trash that appears along the San Francisco Bay shoreline as the winter rains flush garbage and debris through the watershed. This line of inquiry is full of opportunity for Clay. It allows him to…

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Looking up at the 2018 Audubon California Assembly November 8, 2018

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by Clayton Anderson

Look Up”! was the slogan for this year’s California Assembly. There were some real positives to take away from the event. I spent some time with Marcos Trinidad, Director of the Audubon Center at Debs Park. After showing me around this beautiful center in the Montecito Heights area of Los Angeles, and meeting Natasha Khanna (Audubon California field organizer) and Estefania Palacio (Audubon California Communications and…

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Surveying Brown Pelicans at the Alameda Wildlife Reserve Breakwater Island October 2, 2018

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NOTE: Updated post with additional photos.

By Taylor Crisologo

The pelican moved slowly, stretching out its great wings in one fluid motion. It lifted its long bill to the sky and opened it briefly, then quickly snapped it shut. Our boat continued to move parallel to the pelican’s resting place, our movement causing me to crane my neck to keep sight of the individual.

As the pelican drifted away from my binocular’s view, I turned my attention to another…

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Monterey Pine Egret Colony in Alameda – A Photo Blog September 26, 2018

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Text and photos by Gerry Traucht

“Once almost hunted into extinction for the value of their feathers – an ounce of feathers surpassed the value of an ounce of gold – these birds were saved by the landmark Migratory Bird Treaty Act passed in 1918. In celebration of the MBTA centenary, 2018 has been named the Year of the Bird.”




A Great Egret, a majestic white bird with a five-foot wingspan, takes to the air. One might

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Wild Osprey Boat Cruise May 31, 2018

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By Melani King

Osprey boat tour? That was the email subject line from my friend Ann inquiring whether I’d be interested in this boat trip. Of course I would! What better way to check out many of the Osprey pairs from a bay vantage?

Disclaimer: I am one of the many Richmond and Rosie, viewers. And so is my retired husband. Before I leave for work, the webcam site is left up onscreen, full sized, so he can check on them throughout the…

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Cosco Busan oil spill – 10 years later November 6, 2017

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By Ilana DeBare 

Ten years ago — on November 7, 2007 — the Cosco Busan container ship struck a tower supporting the Bay Bridge and released 54,000 gallons of fuel into San Francisco Bay.

The spill was disastrous for wildlife, killing thousands of birds and blackening shorelines throughout the region.

Golden Gate Audubon Society played a leading role in documenting the damage, mobilizing 250 volunteers to conduct bird surveys in the days…

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Celebrating our Centennial at Lindsay October 29, 2017

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By Ilana DeBare

Talk about grand finales! Golden Gate Audubon Society’s traveling Centennial exhibit arrived at its final venue of 2017 this month – Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek – and looked like it had been designed to fit that exact space.

Over 150 GGAS members and friends gathered to launch the exhibit on Sunday, October 15, a beautiful afternoon that came after the week of terrible North Bay wildfires.

They were welcomed by Lindsay’s…

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