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Falcon fledge watch at UC Berkeley July 18, 2017

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By Christina Tarr

In spring, the U.C. Berkeley campus is a veritable nursery. I walk across campus almost daily, and have regularly seen baby juncos, phoebes, crows, Brown Creepers, and Red-shouldered Hawks, not to mention skunks and raccoons. This spring, though, the most exciting family by far were the Peregrine Falcons nesting on top of the Campanile, the 307-foot bell tower in the middle of campus. The two chicks, named Fiat and Lux, fledged during…

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Peregrine Falcons nesting atop Cal’s Campanile June 7, 2017

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When Doug Bell heard that a pair of Peregrine Falcons was nesting on the Campanile, he couldn’t believe his luck. An avid falconer, Bell has been fascinated with Peregrines — the fastest animal in the world — since he was a kid growing up in Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. in zoology from UC Berkeley, where he studied ornithology and systematic biology. But never before had he heard of Peregrines nesting on top of the campus’s 300-foot-high bell

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Vollmer Peak: Birding Hotspot March 9, 2017

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By Denise Wight

Vollmer Peak in Tilden Regional Park, at an elevation of 1,905 feet, is one of the highest peaks in the Berkeley Hills. With relatively easy access, one can enjoy not only diverse birding but incredible views. On a clear day the Farallon Islands appear to balance on the western horizon, and to the east you can see the outline of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Range across the Central Valley. Thanks to the foresight of the founders of the East …

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A Burrowing Owl death in Berkeley December 7, 2016

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By Ilana DeBare

The Burrowing Owls of Cesar Chavez Park are beloved by Berkeley residents and park visitors. More than that, they’re listed as a Species of Special Concern in California due to their dwindling habitat and numbers.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Berkeley’s owl lovers were jolted by some tragic news — the one Burrowing Owl spotted in the park this year was found dead on a park bench.

A passerby managed to photograph the owl…

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Burrowing Owl docenting: What a hoot! April 25, 2016

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By Rubi Abrams

Newly retired from a fulfilling career as a community college librarian last year, I was ready to plunge into as many birding activities as I could schedule. Birding-related travel, classes, meetups, speaker series, feeder watch, bird counts – the more the better, and most sponsored by Golden Gate Audubon Society.  But I was also eager to use my professional skills. I was itching to be a citizen scientist, to have a “conservation …

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Talking turkey (the wild kind) in Oakland November 13, 2015

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This article is reprinted from CityLab, an online journalism site affiliated with The Atlantic magazine.

By John Metcalfe

Walking out my front door a little while ago ago I came face-to-leathery face with a massive bird. It was squatting on the sidewalk like it owned the space, while a child sketched it from a few feet away. Just look at this sucker:

Photo by John Metcalfe

After forwarding the picture to a friend—who thought I had taken it because the bird…

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Cesar Chavez Park: Birding Hotspot February 26, 2015

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By Toni Mester

Berkeley old-timers remember when Cesar Chavez Park was a dump, the last of the active East Bay landfills. It would cost nothing to leave a truckload of trash on a smelly mound, surrounded by thousands of circling gulls. After the dump closed in 1983, the 90 acres on San Francisco Bay were capped and sealed and gradually transformed into a park with some of the most astounding views in the Bay Area.

The Park is also a treasure trove for birders,…

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