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Looking up at the 2018 Audubon California Assembly November 8, 2018

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by Clayton Anderson

Look Up”! was the slogan for this year’s California Assembly. There were some real positives to take away from the event. I spent some time with Marcos Trinidad, Director of the Audubon Center at Debs Park. After showing me around this beautiful center in the Montecito Heights area of Los Angeles, and meeting Natasha Khanna (Audubon California field organizer) and Estefania Palacio (Audubon California Communications and…

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Lobbying for birds at the state Capitol June 25, 2018

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By Ilana DeBare

Cynical folks like to joke about the “turkeys” who serve in elected office.

But we encountered only one turkey last Wednesday during a full day of citizen advocacy at the California State Capitol – a live Wild Turkey strolling across the building’s north-facing steps!

Meanwhile, inside the building, we received a warm welcome as we met with our state representatives and their legislative staff.

A dozen Golden Gate Audubon Society…

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Cosco Busan oil spill – 10 years later November 6, 2017

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By Ilana DeBare 

Ten years ago — on November 7, 2007 — the Cosco Busan container ship struck a tower supporting the Bay Bridge and released 54,000 gallons of fuel into San Francisco Bay.

The spill was disastrous for wildlife, killing thousands of birds and blackening shorelines throughout the region.

Golden Gate Audubon Society played a leading role in documenting the damage, mobilizing 250 volunteers to conduct bird surveys in the days…

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From bird lover to bird lobbyist (for a day) August 3, 2017

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By Janet McGarry

Like most nature lovers, I am alarmed and outraged at Trump’s efforts to dismantle environmental regulations and policies. So when I read on Golden Gate Audubon Society’s Facebook page about Audubon California’s Advocacy Day on June 8th, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take action rather than despair and rage. Spending a day in Sacramento would be a small sacrifice in light of how much I love birdwatching and enjoy Audubon…

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Top ten reasons to be a citizen-advocate May 10, 2017

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Audubon members are great at being citizen-scientists!  No one lets their lack of a PhD stop them from contributing to the understanding of birds through Christmas Bird Counts, breeding bird surveys, and other field work.

But protecting the birds we love takes more than citizen-scientists. We also need citizen-advocates… people who care about California wildlife and are willing to convey that passion to government policymakers.


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So many ways to speak out for birds! May 23, 2016

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By Ilana DeBare

We’ve got a conservation triple-header happening — and you’re invited!

Right now Golden Gate Audubon Society has three major opportunities for you to speak out on behalf of birds and wildlife. There’s something for everyone, whether you like to write, to chat on the phone, or to connect in person — and whether you have five minutes to tap out an email, or a full day to explore the inner workings of our state…

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Watching Black Oystercatchers in breeding season January 10, 2016

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By Jane Turner Hart

This past spring and summer I had the chance to observe a remarkable period of a Black Oystercatcher’s life: the nesting, brooding, hatching, protecting, feeding, and fledging of its chicks in the exposed, rugged territory of the rocky intertidal zone along the Pacific Coast.

In February, Noreen Weeden of Golden Gate Audubon Society emailed me about volunteering to help with a survey project undertaken by Audubon California and…

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