Justin Pepito

Justin Pepito is a GGAS’s database and membership coordinator. A metro New York native, he moved to Australia to study Natural Resource Economics. Upon graduation, he consulted policy for Australian and American government agencies in environmental economics. He became an AmeriCorps VISTA, where he acquired skills in nonprofit operations while giving back to his local under-resourced communities. A liminal ‘systems interact with or within other systems’ thinker, he is interested in how grassroots efforts, nonprofits, academia, enterprise, and policy coordinate efforts to share resources & power for environmental justice. Outside of work, Justin is involved in queer activism in sports, data science for civic action projects, and advocating for working people. He loves cat cafes, learning about different cultures, dancing, national parks, and wild mushroom foraging in his free time. Justin can be reached at jpepito@goldengateaudubon.org