(Cancelled) Birding while Disabled

Tonight’s GGAS Speaker Series talk “Birding while Disabled” is canceled due to illness of one of the speakers. We hope to reschedule with Bonnie Lewkowicz, Judy Smith, and Tiffany Taylor in the 2023 Speaker Series.

Featuring Bonnie Lewkowicz, Judith Smith and Tiffany Taylor
Thursday, July 21 —  7 pm via Zoom

Bonnie Lewkowicz and Judith Smith will share their experiences as wheelchair-using birders and will be joined by Tiffany Taylor, a birder who is blind. Hear what they need from the birding community and birding locations to feel welcome and included. 

About Our Presenters:

Bonnie Lewkowicz has combined her love of the outdoors with her work educating about and advocating for greater access to outdoor recreation for people with disabilities. She is the author of an accessible trail guidebook and two trail websites.  

Judith Smith is an environmentalist, avid hiker, birder and advocate for accessibility in the outdoors. Judith received her CA Naturalist Certification at Sonoma Ecology Center in 2021 and assists with a Birding for All program at Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program. 

Tiffany Taylor is a blind birder who loves hearing the songs of the birds she encounters on her travels around the country. She enjoys visual descriptions her partner gives her to learn about the birds in more detail.

Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85964283246?pwd=eVExbVhaalNRemRZRk1ZYkVZWjNVZz09

Passcode: 885640