Bird and Beavers on Laurel Creek (Fairfield)

Beaver dams are known to double the probability of willow flycatchers and the density of song sparrows compared to areas without beavers. Iin the past, beavers have been regarded by ranchers and city planners as nuisance animals. Beavers do flood areas, which is both beneficial and bothersome, but solutions other than eradication exist, like beaver ... Read more

Valle Vista EBMUD Watershed (Moraga)

Birding in the Moraga area on level trails and fire roads owned by East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). This area features a variety of habitats: chaparral and scrub, grassland, pine-oak woodland, marsh, and the top of the reservoir. Likely birds include raptors, sparrows, California Thrasher, nuthatches, wrens, and the shy Wood Ducks. We will ... Read more

Miller-Knox Shoreline Park (Richmond)

Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline is truly one of the gems of the East Bay. Along the shoreline, beautiful views of the Bay complement the opportunity to see a variety of waterbirds. As you head inland, you pass through open fields, dense scrub, and then up into the rolling hills, some of which are blanketed in forest. ... Read more

Lake Merritt and Lakeside Park (Oakland)

The winter migrants will almost certainly be gone (though we did have a scaup still here in early June), but you should see lots of pelicans and other summer visitors, along with - if you've a taste for such things - the last of the Canada Goose molt migration. MASKS REQUIRED FOR THIS WALK.  Leader: ... Read more

Salesforce Park

Please join us in Salesforce Park. We will take a leisurely birdwalk through the park and encounter common and not so common year round residents and migrant birds throughout the year. This trip is especially good for beginners as we often have very close views of the birds and can really closely study their distinguishing ... Read more

Tilden Nature Area, Tilden Regional Park (Berkeley)

Meet at the parking lot in front of the entrance to the Environmental Education Center/Little Farm for a gentle walk on a wide trail, down to Jewel Lake and back again. Water and restrooms at the start and midway. A few benches at the remodeled pond and at the Lake. Leader: Alan Kaplan, landline ... Read more

Hayward Shoreline Bike and Bird (Hayward)

It’s still early for ducks, but come look for young Stilts, Avocets and maybe Snowy Plovers, returning shorebirds in alternate (breeding) plumage, raptors and a few passerines on this shoreline ride.   We will ride  north from Hayward Regional Shoreline Center to San Lorenzo Creek or farther, depending on how much we see, for at ... Read more

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Slowly stroll around the S.F. Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park, exploring the many birds that thrive amidst several micro-habitats with more than 8,000 kinds of plants. This trip is oriented towards helping beginning birders develop their skills, and recurs on the first Sunday of each month. Entry to the Garden is free before 9 ... Read more

Lafayette Community Center (Lafayette)

This trail features a variety of mature trees and grassy hillsides alongside a stretch of riparian habitat. Raptors, nuthatches, and woodpeckers are sighted regularly, along with a variety of sparrows. This is a dirt trail, wide in most areas, mostly level although there are some elevation changes. There are no areas to sit along this ... Read more

Albany Mudflats, McLaughlin Shoreline State Park (Albany Bulb)

Migration is a fantastic time to see exciting shorebirds around the Bay.  So it's time once again to resume our monthly visits to the Albany shoreline.  Returning birders, newcomers and all levels of experience welcome!  For a sense of how this walk goes, here's a recent blog: We'll meet 45 minutes after (a low) ... Read more

Blake Garden (Kensington)

We are nearing the end of summer, when most breeding birds have finished their efforts at Blake Garden and their young have dispersed to find their own territories. Come join us to seek out a wide variety of resident species throughout the garden on our monthly walk. We may find a few early fall migrants, ... Read more

Middle Harbor Shoreline (Oakland)

Join us for a walk along the Oakland shoreline focusing on early arriving shorebirds and hoping for up to four species of terns. We will begin about an hour after low tide. Walking is mostly on paved paths with a short section of sand. Scopes are very beneficial at this location and appreciated. Leader: Megan ... Read more