Vollmer Peak (Berkeley/Orinda)

Migrating warblers have passed through by now and birds have settled down to nesting, but we can still look for resident and seasonal species, eg Grosbeak, nuthatches, Wilson’s Warblers, California Thrasher and others in Vollmer Peak’s conifer, woodland and scrub habits.  We’ll walk about 1.5 miles  on dirt and gravel trails (Vollmer peak and Seaview) ... Read more

Black Birders Week Field Trip

Lake Merritt 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA

Join Eco-Ed Director Clay Anderson in celebration of Black Birders Week for a beautiful stroll around Lake Merritt. We'll start at the Lake Merritt gardens and make our way over to the Rotary Nature Center (1 mile). We'll talk about the lake's history as a refuge and see some birds along the way. Trip Leader: ... Read more

Blake Garden (Kensington)

Summer is upon us and birds are fledging young. On Tuesday we’ll continue with bird phenology in Blake Garden so please join us on our monthly walk. We’ll be looking for the summer resident birds and listen to their chatter. Some species may even be trying for a second brood.  The Blake Garden is a ... Read more

Valle Vista EBMUD Watershed (Moraga)

Birding in the Moraga area on level trails and fire roads owned by East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). This area features a variety of habitats: chaparral and scrub, grassland, pine-oak woodland, marsh, and the top of the reservoir. Likely birds include raptors, sparrows, California Thrasher, nuthatches, wrens, and the shy Wood Ducks. We will ... Read more

Event Series Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline, Oakland

Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline, Oakland

Arrowhead Marsh - MLK Regional Shoreline Park 81 Swan Way, Oakland, CA

Join us to restore shoreline habitat for endangered Ridgway's Rails and other waterfront birds in this lovely, popular Oakland park. Our work sessions always include some time looking for and learning about local bird life! Wear closed-toe shoes, and bring and wear a Covid mask. You may bring your own gloves, or we can provide ... Read more

Fort Mason (SF)

June’s walk comes after migration has ended, so our focus will be on nesting birds and year round residents. Likely nesters include Western Bluebirds, Violet Green Swallows, Pigeon Guillemots, Bushtits, Song Sparrows, White-Crowned Sparrows and Red-Masked Parakeets, so we’ll be looking for fledglings.  We’ll also check out the Black Point Battery, and scan Aquatic Park ... Read more

Alcatraz Rookery Tour

Alcatraz is one of the most important waterbird nesting sites in northern California, with nine species breeding on the island. Alcatraz Waterbird Docent Corny Foster will share an informative look at the natural history of the island and the variety of birds and their life histories. We’ll see the birds up close on their nests, ... Read more

Lake Merritt and Lakeside Park (Oakland)

It's the beginning of summer and so the beginning of the quiet season at the lake - but there's always something to see here. It's swallow season, and we'll have pelicans and bluebirds and terns and lots of others, all close enough for long, satisfying looks.... MASKS REQUIRED FOR THIS WALK.  Leader: Hilary Powers, hilary@salamanderfeltworks.com, ... Read more

Tilden Nature Area, Tilden Regional Park (Berkeley)

Today is Canada Day, eh? Do we have any birds who have “come from away”, from their "home and native land?" Meet at the parking lot at the entrance to the Tilden Nature Area Environmental Education Center/Little Farm for a walk down a wide road to Jewel Lake and back again. Water and restrooms at ... Read more

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Slowly stroll around the S.F. Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park, exploring the many birds that thrive amidst several micro-habitats with more than 8,000 kinds of plants. This trip is oriented towards helping beginning birders develop their skills, and recurs on the first Sunday of each month. Entry to the Garden is free before 9 ... Read more

Salesforce Park

Please join us in Salesforce Park. We will take a leisurely birdwalk through the park and encounter common and not so common year round residents and migrant birds throughout the year. This trip is especially good for beginners as we often have very close views of the birds and can really closely study their distinguishing ... Read more

Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center (Hayward)

July is the start of southbound shorebird migration, so early shorebirds should be coming through. The Least and Forster’s Tern colonies should still be active, and teenage American Avocets and Black-necked Stilts should be hanging around with their parents. We’ll walk from the interpretive center to the tern colonies and return—about 3 miles on wide, ... Read more