Salesforce Park Bird

Please join us in Salesforce Park. We will take a leisurely birdwalk through the park and encounter common and not so common year round residents and migrant birds throughout the year. This trip is especially good for beginners as we often have very close views of the birds and can really closely study their distinguishing ... Read more

Hilltop Lake Park (Richmond)

Join me for an easy, flat stroll (about a mile) around Hilltop Lake in Richmond to look for migrants and resident passerines, woodpeckers, raptors and more.   Freshwater pond surrounded by willows, cattails, and native and ornamental trees and shrubs.The trail is paved and there are cement block benches in 2 places.  We’ve seen lots ... Read more

Big Leaf Picnic Area, Tilden Regional Park (Berkeley)

Last weekend was International Dawn Chorus Sunday, making this our (almost) Annual Dawn Chorus Birdwalk. Note special meeting place and time. No regular First Friday walk today! Early Birdwalk, No regular Birdwalk. Dawn Chorus: What are the birds saying so early and who are they saying it to? Leader: Alan Kaplan, landline (510) 526-7609 ... Read more

Miller-Knox Shoreline Park (Richmond)

Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline is truly one of the gems of the East Bay. Along the shoreline, beautiful views of the Bay complement the opportunity to see a variety of waterbirds. As you head inland, you pass through open fields, dense scrub, and then up into the rolling hills, some of which are blanketed in forest. ... Read more

Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve (San Francisco)

The UCSF Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve is a 61-acre remnant of more than 2000 acres of eucalyptus trees planted by Adolf Sutro in the late 1800s. UCSF has instituted a long term management plan for the OSP with the initial phase focused on removing dead and dying trees to improve fire safety. Some tree ... Read more

Fort Mason (SF)

The focus of the May field trip will be looking for late migrants.  May can bring a surprise migrant, and there should still be migrating flycatchers, vireos and warblers moving through. In previous years, we have had a Western Wood Pewee, a Western Tanager and a Black Headed Grosbeak. Nesting birds could include Pigeon Guillemots, ... Read more

Sibley Volcanic Regional Perserve (Oakland)

This will be a half day walk in a good variety of habitats: Baccharis chaparral, grassland, Monterey Pine and Eucalyptus woodland. This area has been historically good for Lazuli Bunting, Pygmy Nuthatch and Rufous-crowned Sparrow. Wear good hiking shoes and bring water. Indoor restrooms at the parking lot. We’ll cover about 2.5 miles.  Leader: Rusty ... Read more

Blake Garden (Kensington)

We are well into spring and the Blake Garden is full of activity! Come bird the garden with us to observe bird species nesting and fledging young. We have had a turn-around in species from wintering birds to summer residence. The garden is full of bird chatter now with territorial disputes. If you are a ... Read more

Valle Vista EBMUD Watershed (Moraga)

Birding in the Moraga area on level trails and fire roads owned by East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). This area features a variety of habitats: chaparral and scrub, grassland, pine-oak woodland, marsh, and the top of the reservoir. Likely birds include raptors, sparrows, California Thrasher, nuthatches, wrens, and the shy Wood Ducks. We will ... Read more

Vollmer Peak (Berkeley/Orinda)

Vollmer Peak, at 1,905 feet tall, is considered the highest point in the Berkeley Hills and a magnet for migrating birds and rarities.  The combination of hilly, shrubby, and open habitats give us excellent opportunities to view a variety of birds, while also enjoying spectacular views from the Bay to Mt. Diablo (and all the ... Read more

Joaquin Miller Park (Oakland)

We will meet at the bottom of the Woodminster Cascade (the series of fountains)  for a walk through the forest of Joaquin Miller Park. Expect our resident breeding birds and migrating birds if we're lucky!  This walk will be moderately strenuous with elevation gain on both stairs and trails. Leader: Megan Jankowski,, (415) 515-0732 ... Read more

Introduction to Point Reyes (Point Reyes)

Curious about birding Point Reyes but unsure of where to go? Join ranger Carlo Arreglo and explore some of the park's birding "hotspots."  Birdwatchers of all levels are welcome. We'll start at the Bear Valley area then drive towards the Outer Point with possible stops at Drakes Beach, A, B, and C ranches, the lighthouse ... Read more