Tilden Nature Area (Berkeley)

Love is in the Air! Birds do it, in marvelous ways. It was Chaucer who put Valentine’s Day and birds together in his Parliament of Fowls. A gentle walk to Jewel Lake and back on a wide dirt trail past the refurbished ponds in the meadow. A few benches along the way. Come for a ... Read more

SF Botanical Garden

Slowly stroll around the S.F. Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park, exploring the many birds that thrive amidst several micro-habitats with more than 8,000 kinds of plants. This trip is oriented towards helping beginning birders develop their skills, and recurs on the first Sunday of each month. Entry to the Garden is free before 9 ... Read more

Lafayette Community Center

This trail features a variety of mature trees and grassy hillsides alongside a stretch of riparian habitat. Raptors, nuthatches, and woodpeckers are sighted regularly, along with a variety of sparrows. This is a dirt trail, wide in most areas, mostly level although there are some elevation changes. There are no areas to sit along this ... Read more

Blake Garden (Kensington)

The bare trees of winter may soon change to buds and leaves, obscuring views of the bird species that frequent them. Now is the time to learn your winter and resident birds before spring hides them. Come bird with us at the Blake Garden. Winter is a great time to hone in on your skills ... Read more

Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve (San Francisco)

We’ll cover about two miles with significant climbing on mostly well-graded trails with some rocky spots and exposed roots in the UCSF Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve. Here is a trail map: https://www.sutrostewards.org/_files/ugd/5492eb_f6b907ea1a16406c8904fa2b25cd72bb.pdf. The preserve is a 61-acre remnant of more than 2000 acres of eucalyptus trees planted by Adolf Sutro. We will be looking ... Read more


Valle Vista EBMUD Watershed Moraga, CA

Birding in the Moraga area on level trails and fire roads owned by East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). This area features a variety of habitats: chaparral and scrub, grassland, pine-oak woodland, marsh, and the top of the reservoir. Likely birds include raptors, sparrows, California Thrasher, nuthatches, wrens, and the shy Wood Ducks. We will ... Read more

Middle Harbor Shoreline (Oakland)

Join us for a walk along the Oakland shoreline focusing on wintering shorebirds, ducks, grebes and gulls. We will begin midway between high tide and low tide in order to catch birds closer to shore when we arrive. Walking is mostly on paved paths with a short section of sand. Scopes are very beneficial at ... Read more

Aquatic Park (Berkeley)

Aquatic Park is a long, 68-acre lagoon surrounded by greenery. The lagoon attracts lots of ducks and other water birds and the adjacent trees and shrubs are home to many species of woodland birds. We will walk the two-mile flat, easy trail around the lagoon. Birders of all skill levels are welcome, especially beginners. We ... Read more

February Delta Boat Trip

Tour the Delta on board the comfortable boat River Dolphin to explore the region’s rich habitats and potentially see thousands of Tundra Swans, Snow Geese, White-fronted Geese, Sandhill Cranes, Canada geese, plus myriad ducks and overwintering and resident raptors, herons, and songbirds. This full-day trip through the backwaters and channels of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ... Read more

Bort Meadow (Oakland)

This trail features a variety of mature trees and grassy hillsides alongside a stretch of riparian habitat, plus a very large open meadow surrounded by trees and chaparral. Varied thrush winter here, and are seen regularly. Raptors, nuthatches, California Thrashers, and woodpeckers are also sighted regularly, along with a variety of sparrows and Pine Siskin. ... Read more

Livermore and Patterson Pass (Alameda County)

We’ll explore the area around Livermore and Brushy Peak for raptors and other specialties, then head up Patterson Pass Rd. looking for Mountain Bluebirds, raptors, and other grassland birds. It’s a good area for many raptors including Ferruginous Hawks and Golden Eagles. We’ll take the opportunity to discuss GGAS’s important work in regulating the Altamont ... Read more

Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline, Oakland

Arrowhead Marsh - MLK Regional Shoreline Park 81 Swan Way, Oakland, CA

Join us to restore shoreline habitat for endangered Ridgway's Rails and other waterfront birds in this lovely, popular Oakland park. Our work sessions always include some time looking for and learning about local bird life! Wear closed-toe shoes, and bring and wear a Covid mask. You may bring your own gloves, or we can provide ... Read more