Bird and Beavers on Laurel Creek (Fairfield)

Beaver dams are known to double the probability of willow flycatchers and the density of song sparrows compared to areas without beavers. Iin the past, beavers have been regarded by ranchers and city planners as nuisance animals. Beavers do flood areas, which is both beneficial and bothersome, but solutions other than eradication exist, like beaver ... Read more

Valle Vista EBMUD Watershed (Moraga)

Birding in the Moraga area on level trails and fire roads owned by East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). This area features a variety of habitats: chaparral and scrub, grassland, pine-oak woodland, marsh, and the top of the reservoir. Likely birds include raptors, sparrows, California Thrasher, nuthatches, wrens, and the shy Wood Ducks. We will ... Read more