Tilden Nature Area (Berkeley)

A gentle stroll to Jewel Lake and back on a wide dirt trail past the ponds in the meadow. A few benches along the way. Come along for a short while or the whole time. Leader: Alan Kaplan: LNKPLN67@gmail.com, landline (510) 526-7609 for messages This trip is free but advance registration is required. Registration will ... Read more

Blake Garden (Kensington)

Fall is a great time to see resident and overwintering birds at the Blake Garden when many broad-leafed trees are bare. The Blake Garden is a public garden and landscape laboratory. In 1957, the Blake Estate was deeded to the UC Berkeley’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. With nearly 1500 plant species and ... Read more

Garretson Point/Arrowhead Marsh (MLK Shoreline)

At Arrowhead Marsh, we'll listen and look for Sora, Ridgway Rails and Virginia Rails. We have a good chance to see them because of the "king tides", which happen at new moon and full moon  in December and January, when the Earth is closest to the sun in its elliptical orbit. There is a new ... Read more