Miller-Knox Shoreline Park (Richmond)

Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline is truly one of the gems of the East Bay. Along the shoreline, beautiful views of the Bay complement the opportunity to see a variety of waterbirds. As you head inland, you pass through open fields, dense scrub, and then up into the rolling hills, some of which are blanketed in forest. ... Read more

Fort Mason (San Francisco)

Meet in front of the Community Garden to explore several different habitats in this compact part of GGNRA. Although migration is over, there are a number of wintering species at Fort Mason, and the species count in November can be as high as 50.  We'll explore Aquatic Park for returning ducks, grebes and loons.  We'll ... Read more

Dotson Family Marsh and Giant Marsh (Contra Costa County)

At Dotson Family Marsh, we are likely to see sparrows and Western Meadowlarks in the grassland areas, as well as shorebirds feeding on the mudflat as the tide goes out. At the Giant Marsh, we will look for birds on the shoreline, in San Pablo Bay and in the upland eucalyptus groves. We will be ... Read more