Rodenticides and Birds

Coopers Hawk with Rat – photo by Tony Brake

Golden Gate Audubon has joined the City of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment, and other environmental groups in calling for a voluntary ban on rodenticides which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found are harmful to people, pets, and non-target wildlife.

The harmful products contain brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difethialione, and difenacoum.    The US EPA found that these rodenticide products cause “unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.”
Poisoning from rodenticides is a significant threat to many species of wildlife.  Wild animals may be harmed or killed by eating these products or when a predator species like a hawk or owl eats a poisoned rodent.  Hawks and owls may  feed poisoned rodents to their young, with fatal results to the chicks.
What can you do?
Clean up – Remove any sources of food or water.  This includes removing bird seed, ripe fallen fruit, pet food, and other food sources.  Also remove materials that can be used for rodent nesting including shredded paper.
Exclusion – Seal up any entry holes or access points near pipes, doors and windows where mice or rats can enter a building.  Seal any bird seed or other food in rodent proof containers.
Traps  – Use the appropriate sized snap trap at night for the mouse or rat problem.  Set multiple traps at night and check in the morning.
If necessary, contact a professional certified by EcoWise or GreenShield.
Contact the three manufacturers and express your dissatisfaction that they continue to sell these harmful products:
– Reckitt Benckiser Inc (maker of D-Con, Fleeject and Mimas products)
   P.O. Box 225, 399 Interpace Parkway, Parsippany, NJ 07054-0225 Attn: Customer Service
– Spectrum Group (Hot Shot products)
    P.O. Box 142642, St. Louis, MO 63114-0642
– Liphatech Inc (Generation, Maki and Rozol products)
   3600 West Elm Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209
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