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Birders thrilled watching wayward bird at Lands End August 14, 2018

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by Janice Bressler

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Richmond ReView/Sunset Beacon August 7, 2018

Bird watchers from all over California have been flocking to the Outer Richmond District this summer, hoping to spot a Parakeet Auklet – a little seabird that spends this time of year breeding on the rocky shorelines and islands around Alaska. Why are birders…

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An Owl by Any Other Name July 16, 2018

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By Joe Galkowski

The ghost owl, death owl, white owl, monkey-faced owl, church owl, and my favorite: the hobgoblin owl, these are just a small selection of the common names used for barn owls. The Latin name for the species is Tyto Alba which simply means white owl. Seems like an appropriate moniker, so why so many other names for the world’s most common owl? Most likely their nocturnal nature, eerie calls,…

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Wild Osprey Boat Cruise May 31, 2018

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By Melani King

Osprey boat tour? That was the email subject line from my friend Ann inquiring whether I’d be interested in this boat trip. Of course I would! What better way to check out many of the Osprey pairs from a bay vantage?

Disclaimer: I am one of the many Richmond and Rosie, viewers. And so is my retired husband. Before I leave for work, the webcam site is left up onscreen, …

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Bright Sparks at Lake Merritt May 15, 2018

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By Hilary Powers
Note: this blog first appeared in the May 2018 edition of The Tidings 

A few participants in the April 4th-Wednesday Golden Gate Audubon walk – not including me, alas – got to see one of the finest sights springtime has to offer: a pair of Eared Grebes in full copper and steel and gold breeding plumage rise up and run side by side across the water. By the time others whirled to look, the two were

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Rare sparrows visit the Bay Area January 11, 2015

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By Bob Lewis

Two quite rare sparrows have turned up in the Bay Area this winter. Both are birds that breed in northern areas and winter further south. Their normal fall migration generally takes them on a route far from the Bay Area, but these two, probably blown off course by winter storms, are spending their non-breeding season with us.

The Rustic Bunting (Emberiza rustica), first found by Alan Hopkins, has…

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Oakland CBC – final numbers are in! March 2, 2014

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Editor’s Note: Results have now been finalized for the 2013 Oakland Christmas Bird Count. Here is a summary by CBC Co-Compilers Dave Quady and Bob Lewis.

By Dave Quady and Bob Lewis

The 73rd annual count in summary: fine weather… more observers in the field than ever before… widespread media coverage… just shy of the all-time high species count… one stunning bird, of a species…

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Welcome back to “our” Tufted Duck November 8, 2012

Posted by Ilana DeBare in Birding, Sightings

By Ilana DeBare

Welcome back to the Lake Merritt Tufted Duck!

Once again, a Tufted Duck has arrived to winter among the scaup of Lake Merritt in Oakland. This is of note since Tufted Ducks aren’t native to California — they’re a Eurasian species that occasionally turns up here, presumably migrating south with other birds from Siberia.

Its arrival sparked an interesting dialogue earlier…

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