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Birding Peru – rich culture, wonderful birds January 3, 2018

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By Pat Kirkpatrick

As a trip coordinator for Golden Gate Audubon Society, I and my co-volunteer Rubi Abrams have had the opportunity to research and offer GGAS members a selection of inspiring national and international birding trips every year. Since I’m an intermittent birder and a lifelong lover of travel, this volunteer job at GGAS has been a perfect match, and it has enabled me to go on some memorable…

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There’s a tropicbird under my bed! August 22, 2017

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By Eric Schroeder

This past spring I spent some time following the progress of a Brewer’s Blackbird family that built a nest on my horse trailer.  That concern was part of my larger interest in breeding birds, one cultivated by the Master Birding Program co-sponsored by Golden Gate Audubon Society that I completed last year. But this summer, when I went to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to dive, I had…

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Palm oil – not an environmentally friendly food or fuel January 25, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, International Birding

By Bob Lewis

I was fortunate to visit Malaysia in 2015, both Borneo and the peninsula, as well as a few islands of Indonesia. The forests there are spectacular, some of the most diverse and rich in terms of all sorts of animal and plant life. Primates included Orangutan (critically endangered), Western Tarsier, Proboscis Monkey and many others; the butterflies were spectacular, and the birdlife was exciting…

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Fall birding in Gambell, Alaska October 11, 2016

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By Anne Hoff

Sitting on a plastic mat on a pebble beach, the wind blowing at 30 miles per hour from the north, I join a line of thirty warmly bundled birders watching the wild Bering Sea. A slight windbreak is provided by the line of all-terrain vehicles along the flat ridge of the beach behind us. Though the temp is 40 Fahrenheit, it’s cold!

Thus begins a birding day at the Siberian Yupik village of Gambell on the…

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Birding Northwest Ecuador March 14, 2016

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Editor’s Note: Golden Gate Audubon Society is sponsoring a birding tour to Ecuador in fall 2016. Here’s an account of one member’s visit to Ecuador this winter.

By Krista Jordan

In January, I traveled to Ecuador for a birding adventure with my friends Jack and Farley Connelly. Our small party spent the trip with one guide, Ecuadorian naturalist and guide Miguel Hipo. Over nine days, we traveled several…

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Birding South Texas with Golden Gate Audubon August 24, 2015

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By Steve and Carol Lombardi

In April, we joined five other Golden Gate Audubon Society members on a nine-day birding adventure to the South Texas coast and the lower Rio Grande Valley. Eddie Bartley and Noreen Weeden of NatureTrip, both longtime GGAS members, were our excellent, well-organized guides.

The South Texas coast is a top birding destination in the spring because of the migrant “fall-out”…

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Birding Formosa June 7, 2015

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By Eddie Bartley

On a recent visit to Taiwan, we rejoined our friends and most excellent local wildlife guides Stone and Richard for what we affectionately referred to as our “Taiwan recon” tour. Our goals were to firm up plans for a Golden Gate Audubon Society tour in October 2015 while improving our birding skills and photography of Taiwan’s wildlife. To say it was “fun” for…

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