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Art and Ospreys September 18, 2018

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by Alisa Golden

When San Francisco Center for the Book asked me to submit a design for Roadworks, their annual steamroller printing festival, it didn’t take long to choose a subject. What could be better than an Osprey three-feet high? I was smitten with Rosie and Richmond, the Osprey pair visible on the GGAS web camera, so Osprey seemed a natural choice. I looked through screenshots I had taken from the camera…

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Gardening for birds – some local models April 23, 2017

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By Kathy Kramer

In a charming New York Times article several years ago called The Chickadee’s Guide to Gardening, Douglas Tellamy wrote, “Chances are, you have never thought of your garden… as a wildlife preserve that represents the last chance we have for sustaining plants and animals that were once common throughout the U.S. But that is exactly the role our suburban landscapes are now playing…

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Bird-friendly gardening resources October 20, 2016

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By Ilana DeBare

Fall is a great time to create a garden that attracts birds… and we’ve got some resources to help!

We just published a new version of our brochure on Inviting Wildlife Into Your Backyard — now with versions focused on San Francisco, the East Bay, and in Spanish. Download the version of your choice or pick up a paper copy from our office. It includes a short list of native plants…

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Birding by ear for beginners September 15, 2013

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Want to learn bird calls but not sure how to start? Here are some tips from Denise Wight, who teaches Golden Gate Audubon’s popular Birding By Ear classes. 

By Denise Wight

1. Learn to listen. While birding, be still and remain silent for a minute or two. Begin attentive listening to the bird sounds around you. Try to stay focused on individual sounds. Repeat often.

2. If you can, watch a bird as it sings…

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Being a good (bird) host December 6, 2012

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By Phila Rogers

While others are thrilled with Pine Siskins visiting their feeders, I experience mostly foreboding.  Several years ago, when the siskins were on the move and visiting my feeders, I began seeing sick birds.  The problem then appeared to be a finch eye disease where discharge was effectively sealing up their eyes.

After an absence of several years, Pine Siskins began showing up again at my…

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Drawing birds with Jack Laws September 12, 2012

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By Ilana DeBare

John Muir “Jack” Laws, a Golden Gate Audubon board member and author of several field guides, has a beautiful new book out this month, The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds. We sat down recently to speak with Jack about drawing birds — and why it is an activity not simply for “gifted artists” but for anyone who wants to heighten their appreciation of birds and nature.…

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Learning to be a bird photographer August 29, 2012

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By Bob Lewis

I took a class with bird photographer Artie Morris in San Diego some years ago. His co-leader was Todd Gustafson, a well-known African safari photographer.  Todd had some guidelines for being a good nature photographer, which went something like this:

  • Have good equipment. (That doesn’t mean the most expensive or latest-version cameras. It means equipment that you can depend on, that
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