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Keep Our Parks Healthy: Vote Yes on Measure FF November 2, 2018

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By Pam Young


In 2004, the East Bay Regional Park District won 72% approval from East Bay voters in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Alameda, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Albany, Emeryville and Piedmont to commit $12 per year as a parcel tax under Measure CC. This measure provided over $37.4 million dollars during the past 15 years and funds park infrastructure, maintenance, safety, and services.

During 2017,…

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Bright Sparks at Lake Merritt May 15, 2018

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By Hilary Powers
Note: this blog first appeared in the May 2018 edition of The Tidings 

A few participants in the April 4th-Wednesday Golden Gate Audubon walk – not including me, alas – got to see one of the finest sights springtime has to offer: a pair of Eared Grebes in full copper and steel and gold breeding plumage rise up and run side by side across the water. By the time others whirled to look, the two were

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Morcom Rose Garden: Birding Hotspot December 14, 2017

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By Blake Edgar

In a sunken amphitheater between two of Oakland’s busiest boulevards, a pair of resident Wild Turkeys has been the most conspicuous avian attraction in recent months at the Morcom Rose Garden, delighting visitors as the tom persistently pursues his intended with a fully fanned tail. Turkeys also dominate the bird observations on iNaturalist from this location.

Roughly a mile from Lake

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Presidio of San Francisco: Birding Hotspot September 10, 2017

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By Alan Hopkins

With a bird list of more than 200 species, the Presidio has become a beloved site for Bay Area birdwatchers. The area has diverse habitats: ocean, bay, marsh, riparian, woodland, and more.

Founded in 1776, the Presidio was a military installation established first by the Spanish and held briefly by the Mexican Government. Then in 1846, after the Mexican American War, the Presidio became a …

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Vollmer Peak: Birding Hotspot March 9, 2017

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By Denise Wight

Vollmer Peak in Tilden Regional Park, at an elevation of 1,905 feet, is one of the highest peaks in the Berkeley Hills. With relatively easy access, one can enjoy not only diverse birding but incredible views. On a clear day the Farallon Islands appear to balance on the western horizon, and to the east you can see the outline of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Range across the Central Valley. Thanks…

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Point Isabel: Birding Hotspot October 4, 2016

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By Jess Beebe

Most people think of Point Isabel primarily as a dog park, and indeed it features one of the largest and most scenic off-leash dog areas anywhere. But this park is also the gateway to a premier birding destination, offering access to a delightful stretch of the San Francisco Bay Trail that meanders through a restored salt marsh and slough and past expansive mudflats.

Tires, shopping carts, and…

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Crissy Lagoon: Birding Hotspot September 20, 2016

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By David Assmann

Crissy Field Lagoon at dawn on a sunny day is the epitome of tranquility – herons and egrets feeding in a pristine lagoon with the Golden Gate Bridge perched majestically in the background. Seeing this birding jewel today, it can be hard to visualize its many previous incarnations, which included time as a military installation, a livestock display area, and a hazardous waste dump.…

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