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Flight of the Condors August 8, 2018

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By Taylor Crisologo

The air was cool and crisp. It was just before sunrise, so you could begin to see swatches of color painting the sky. On the horizon, the twisting curves of the mountains were beginning to be illuminated. We were the only ones awake at this hour in the small motel. Our bags packed, we walked outside into the dawn.

I’ve been a birder since my first months in college. There, I discovered a community…

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Oakland Zoo Celebrates Locals (in more ways that you think!) July 23, 2018

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by Leslie Storer

The Oakland Zoo has just opened California Trail, a series of habitats featuring species that are currently or were once found in California. This is a theme near and dear to my heart. My career path found me interpreting wild animals from around the world to zoo guests. The whole time I asked myself, ‘What about the species in our backyard?’

California Trail is home to black bears, brown

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Lobbying for birds at the state Capitol June 25, 2018

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By Ilana DeBare

Cynical folks like to joke about the “turkeys” who serve in elected office.

But we encountered only one turkey last Wednesday during a full day of citizen advocacy at the California State Capitol – a live Wild Turkey strolling across the building’s north-facing steps!

Meanwhile, inside the building, we received a warm welcome as we met with our state representatives and their legislative…

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GGNRA Superintendent Joss Meets with GGAS June 19, 2018

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By Philip Gerrie

In May, Golden Gate Audubon representatives met with the new Superintendent of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Laura Joss. GGAS has a long history of meeting, and working collegially with, GGNRA superintendents and professional staff. Also attending the meeting from the GGNRA were Michael Savidge, GGNRA Director of Strategic Planning and Partnerships, and William Merkle,…

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Richmond honors its feathered citizens April 19, 2018

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By Blake Edgar

Dozens of big colorful birds alighted on the concrete in front of Richmond’s City Hall Wednesday morning. More than 30 local artists, both young and old, turned out to “Chalk it Up for Richmond’s Birds and the Year of the Bird,” an event organized by the City of Richmond and Golden Gate Audubon Society. The society’s fourth annual art celebration, this was the first one held in …

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Gardening for the birds April 6, 2018

Posted by GGAS in Conservation

By Kathy Kramer

2018 is Year of the Bird.  Noreen Weeden, Volunteer Director at Golden Gate Audubon said “A positive action you can take is to learn more about the connection between native plants and native birds.An even bigger step is to plant native plants in your yard, patio or balcony or join Golden Gate Audubon in lending a hand in active habitat restoration at a local park.”

In The Chickadee’s

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Meaningful help for owls March 16, 2018

Posted by GGAS in Conservation

By Eddie Bartley and Noreen Weeden

Ari Dalfen, an “almost” 9-year-old and a 3rd grader, hails from the Richmond District in San Francisco. Recently, along with his moms, Ari visited the California Raptor Center in Davis, CA. The facility is part of the U.C. Davis Veterinary Medicine which treats over 300 hawks and raptors each year for a wide variety of medical needs and also provides information to the…

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