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New season of Oakland heron rescues April 19, 2017

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We’re delighted to launch a second year of rescuing young herons in downtown Oakland, together with our partners at Oakland Zoo and International Bird Rescue!

The busy streets of downtown Oakland are home to about 130 nests of Black-crowned Night-Herons and Snowy Egrets, making Oakland the largest night-heron rookery in the Bay Area.

But city streets are a dangerous place for young herons. If they…

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A field guide to my first field guide April 18, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Birding

By Allen Fish

Chandler Robbins died last month.  He would have been 100 years old this July 17th. Never as famous as Roger Tory Peterson or David Sibley, Chandler Robbins made some of the most important contributions to bird research and conservation in the 20th century.

He conducted some of the earliest research on DDT, contributing to Rachel Carson’s crusade; he pioneered the U.S. Breeding Bird Survey,

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The secretive Sora March 15, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Birding

By Miya Lucas

Sora is the name of a fictional character in a Japanese video game.  Sometimes trying to view a Sora rail is so challenging that you may feel like it is a fictional character as well.

Soras are secretive and stealthy. I enjoy hearing the Sora’s call and song, and occasionally seeing the actual bird, at Las Gallinas Sanitary Ponds in San Rafael, where I lead a monthly field trip with Wendy Beers. …

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Fast-paced fun: a first-time Birdathon story March 5, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Birding, Golden Gate Audubon

By Eric Schroeder

My wife and I have been members of Golden Gate Audubon Society for about five years, but until last year we had only been marginally active, occasionally attending the monthly talks in Berkeley. Then last year I enrolled in a year-long Master Birding Program that was co-sponsored by GGAS and the California Academy of Sciences, and, as a result, I was very excited when I received the list of …

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Behind the scenes at IBR – a Birdathon highlight February 26, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Birding, Golden Gate Audubon

By Beth Moseley

The dictionary defines “behind the scenes” as:

1: working or happening privately without being known or seen by the public

As in:

  • Experience the amazing behind-the-scenes operations of International Bird Rescue (IBR).
  • Get a behind-the-scenes tour of IBR’s specialized facilities and meet experts in water bird care.
  • Enjoy great birding at a behind-the-scenes surprise destination.
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Do birds love? (an ongoing argument) February 13, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Birding

By Joe Galkowski

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate romantic love, so I thought I would pose the question, “Do birds love?”

Scientists will say this question has been definitively answered with a big “no.” There are other scientists, however, who are just as sure it is “yes.” The argument is ongoing. They have, in trying to prove the other side…

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Surveying birds of the Albany Bulb January 16, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Birding, Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon

By Ilana DeBare

Jutting out into San Francisco Bay, the Albany Bulb and Neck has received a lot of attention for its human uses: a onetime garbage dump, onetime homeless encampment, and the first section of shoreline targeted to be a part of today’s McLaughlin Eastshore State Park.

Now people can also learn about avian uses of Albany Bulb and Neck, thanks to a joint citizen-science initiative by Golden Gate

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