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Oakland herons released at MLK Shoreline July 29, 2017

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By Ilana DeBare

Our three-way heron rescue partnership with International Bird Rescue and Oakland Zoo paid inspiring dividends again on Friday, when 19 young herons and egrets were released into thriving marsh habitat at Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline.

There is hardly anything more uplifting than witnessing the release of wild birds that had been threatened with death, rescued, and nursed…

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Falcon fledge watch at UC Berkeley July 18, 2017

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By Christina Tarr

In spring, the U.C. Berkeley campus is a veritable nursery. I walk across campus almost daily, and have regularly seen baby juncos, phoebes, crows, Brown Creepers, and Red-shouldered Hawks, not to mention skunks and raccoons. This spring, though, the most exciting family by far were the Peregrine Falcons nesting on top of the Campanile, the 307-foot bell tower in the middle of campus. …

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Blackbird fly! (off of my horse trailer) July 5, 2017

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By Eric Schroeder

As a horse owner dependent upon a trailer to get into our local parks in the spring, I am vigilant about the trailer’s readiness. My trailer lives at Hossmoor, a 138-acre horse property where I’ve seen over fifty species of birds. It’s also just an eight-minute drive from Briones Regional Park—an excellent place to ride and to bird year-round.

But this spring my horse had been injured…

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Greater Sage-Grouse on their lek: unforgettable experience June 20, 2017

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By Maureen Lahiff

On a Golden Gate Audubon Society trip in late March, an early adventure as part of Birdathon 2017, we had a long, full day of birding on Saturday and a wonderful morning on Sunday. We visited a number of areas around Susanville (Lassen County), and then caravanned to Honey Lake, Jack’s Valley, and Eagle Lake. We saw almost 90 species, including wintering geese, ducks, and other water birds;…

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California Thrasher: curved bill, complex song June 13, 2017

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By Miya Lucas

In the spring and summer, the song of the California Thrasher always puts a smile on my face.  The rapid pulsing, throbbing beat within a continuous melody reminds me of a rhythmic rap song. Often lasting three to five minutes, it’s one of the more varied and complex bird songs and lacks a characteristic, repeated phrase that is easily identified with that bird.

The Cal Thrasher belongs to…

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Peregrine Falcons nesting atop Cal’s Campanile June 7, 2017

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When Doug Bell heard that a pair of Peregrine Falcons was nesting on the Campanile, he couldn’t believe his luck. An avid falconer, Bell has been fascinated with Peregrines — the fastest animal in the world — since he was a kid growing up in Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. in zoology from UC Berkeley, where he studied ornithology and systematic biology. But never before had he heard of Peregrines nesting

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Behind the scenes with our Osprey nest cam June 1, 2017

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By Diane Rooney

Like many of us, you’ve probably seen – and perhaps become addicted to – the live streaming Osprey nest cam that Golden Gate Audubon Society launched at the end of March. You may have watched Osprey parents Rosie and Richmond work on the nest and incubate their eggs, and then cheered when their two chicks hatched in mid-May.

But how did this stunning, intimate video feed from the nest come…

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