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Getting to Know the Anna’s Hummingbird September 4, 2018

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By Taylor Crisologo

I’ve always been captivated by the bright allure of hummingbirds. Their beautiful, iridescent
feathers and busy demeanors have made them some of my favorite birds to watch. I was even
more impressed by hummingbirds when I learned that all hummingbird species are only found in
North and South America. This discovery made me feel that much luckier to know this bird, as
they are a treasure…

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Jay Yard Bird Stories May 1, 2018

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by Jim Chiropolos

I have often wondered which of these species is more assertive and my yard is proving to be a great location to watch the two species interact. Next to the house is a gully frequented by Steller’s Jays. The other side is more open with houses and favored by Scrub Jays, so the yard is a border used by both species. 

When I hung a suet feeder, I was fascinated by the interaction. Both species used the…

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