Big, sunny Christmas Bird Count in Oakland December 18, 2017

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By Ilana DeBare

Over 300 Golden Gate Audubon Society members and friends hit the streets, parks, shorelines, and golf courses of the East Bay on Sunday to defend the Oakland Christmas Bird Count’s size record…. and to spot a few birds too.

The sunny, mild weekend weather didn’t augur well for California’s water supply, but it made for a beautiful day of birding.

This was the 77th …

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Morcom Rose Garden: Birding Hotspot December 14, 2017

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By Blake Edgar

In a sunken amphitheater between two of Oakland’s busiest boulevards, a pair of resident Wild Turkeys has been the most conspicuous avian attraction in recent months at the Morcom Rose Garden, delighting visitors as the tom persistently pursues his intended with a fully fanned tail. Turkeys also dominate the bird observations on iNaturalist from this location.

Roughly a mile from Lake

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Four plovers of the Bay Area December 5, 2017

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By Linda Carloni

One of the (many) great things about the City of Alameda is the birding. Our long sandy bay-side beach and mudflats offer a feast of winter shorebirds. Among my favorites are our four plovers.

Plovers are in the family Charadriidae – chunky small-to-medium-size shorebirds with short necks, large eyes, and relatively short bills. Unlike their sandpiper colleagues, they are visual feeders.…

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Talk some turkey this Thanksgiving! November 19, 2017

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By Bob Lewis

Tired of talking politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Instead, entertain your family and friends by talking turkey –  specifically, our increasing population of Wild Turkeys in California.

Today, a quarter-million or more Wild Turkeys make their home in the Golden State. Maybe some are spending time in your neighborhood!

But in fact, this specific species—Meleagris gallopavo

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Butterflies of Pier 94 November 15, 2017

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By Ilana DeBare

We often talk about the bird life at Pier 94, the former waterfront dump site owned by the Port of San Francisco that we have been restoring as wildlife habitat since 2002. But Pier 94 is also becoming rich habitat for butterflies!

With support from a private family foundation, we contracted with San Francisco lepidopterist Liam O’Brien to conduct a year-long survey of butterflies, …

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