Pterosaurs – older and bigger than birds October 24, 2017

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By Jack Dumbacher

Powered flight is perhaps the most iconic ability of birds. Their feathers and wings have set them apart from other vertebrates, and they have amazing adaptations that have allowed them to master flight, including special lungs and airsacs to capture oxygen incredibly efficiently, and hollow or reduced bones and no teeth to cut down weight.

There are many ways to get into the skies, and …

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Black Oystercatcher nesting success at Heron’s Head October 17, 2017

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By Mary Betlach

I’ve walked at Heron’s Head Park on San Francisco’s southeastern shoreline since 2005 and casually observed juvenile Black Oystercatchers there most years. One of our most distinctive shorebirds because of their bright orange bills, oystercatchers are at risk because of the dwindling amount of rocky shoreline they need for nesting. They’re already designated a Species of Special…

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Golden Gate Audubon and the 1,300 acres October 10, 2017

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By William Hudson & Ilana DeBare

The new two-mile McCosker Loop Trail in Orinda is a short trail with a long story behind it – a story that could easily be called “Golden Gate Audubon Society and the 1,300 acres.”

The trail is part of Gateway Valley, an area now known as Wilder, located south of Highway 24 and just east of the Caldecott Tunnel. The area is critical wildlife habitat – a key link in the …

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Protect Ocean Beach and its habitat October 3, 2017

Posted by GGAS in Conservation

By Bill McLaughlin

San Francisco’s western border is Ocean Beach, a fantastic open space for hiking, surfing, fishing, viewing wildlife, and more.  Sloat Boulevard is the southernmost access point, located right in front of the entrance to the San Francisco Zoo.

Today, the Sloat area shoreline has become known as a flashpoint of coastal erosion and climate change. Over the years, the tidal…

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Genetic mapping of Northern Spotted Owls September 27, 2017

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Bay Area researchers have mapped the DNA of the Northern Spotted Owl, gaining information that could shed light on how this threatened Pacific Coast bird is interacting with non-native owls invading its habitat.

The California Academy of Sciences — in collaboration with U.C. Berkeley, U.C. San Francisco, the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute…

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