Bright Sparks at Lake Merritt May 15, 2018

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By Hilary Powers
Note: this blog first appeared in the May 2018 edition of The Tidings 

A few participants in the April 4th-Wednesday Golden Gate Audubon walk – not including me, alas – got to see one of the finest sights springtime has to offer: a pair of Eared Grebes in full copper and steel and gold breeding plumage rise up and run side by side across the water. By the time others whirled to look, the two were

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Jay Yard Bird Stories May 1, 2018

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by Jim Chiropolos

I have often wondered which of these species is more assertive and my yard is proving to be a great location to watch the two species interact. Next to the house is a gully frequented by Steller’s Jays. The other side is more open with houses and favored by Scrub Jays, so the yard is a border used by both species. 

When I hung a suet feeder, I was fascinated by the interaction. Both species used the…

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Richmond honors its feathered citizens April 19, 2018

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By Blake Edgar

Dozens of big colorful birds alighted on the concrete in front of Richmond’s City Hall Wednesday morning. More than 30 local artists, both young and old, turned out to “Chalk it Up for Richmond’s Birds and the Year of the Bird,” an event organized by the City of Richmond and Golden Gate Audubon Society. The society’s fourth annual art celebration, this was the first one held in …

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Gardening for the birds April 6, 2018

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By Kathy Kramer

2018 is Year of the Bird.  Noreen Weeden, Volunteer Director at Golden Gate Audubon said “A positive action you can take is to learn more about the connection between native plants and native birds.An even bigger step is to plant native plants in your yard, patio or balcony or join Golden Gate Audubon in lending a hand in active habitat restoration at a local park.”

In The Chickadee’s

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Treasure hunting March 23, 2018

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By Eric James Schroeder

As I drove into the Maxwell Cemetery, I was doubtful. As birding habitat goes, this small country cemetery in the middle of California’s Central Valley, didn’t look very promising. Grass, a few scattered shrubs and trees, and many weathered upright grave markers. I parked my car on a narrow gravel road in the center of the small cemetery and got out. Perched on a tall headstone about…

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