Reluctant No Longer October 23, 2018

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By Eric Schroeder

It was the first day of my month-long program teaching University of California students in South Africa. I was leading a three-hour walking tour of downtown Cape Town and decided I’d better begin with one of the tougher parts of the program—introducing my students to the local birds. We had begun our walking tour at the Castle of Good Hope—the original Dutch fort and oldest building…

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The Journeys of Debi Shearwater October 17, 2018

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An interview with Debi Shearwater, founder of Shearwater Journeys and recipient of the Ludlow Griscom Award at the 2018 Monterey Birding Festival

By Taylor Crisologo

Debi Shearwater received the Ludlow Griscom Award at the 2018 Monterey Birding Festival held in Monterey, California. The award is given by the American Birding Association to an individual who has made significant contributions to our…

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Birds and Beginning Sailors October 10, 2018

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By Marjorie Powell and Linda Carloni

It all started with a comment at a GGAS Centennial Celebration in spring 2017.
Photographs of birds in Alameda were on display. A member of the Board of an Alameda sailing camp mused about the variety of birds that might be seen at the camp and wondered if a birding class for the sailing students might be possible. It was late to set something up for that summer, but persistence…

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Surveying Brown Pelicans at the Alameda Wildlife Reserve Breakwater Island October 2, 2018

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NOTE: Updated post with additional photos.

By Taylor Crisologo

The pelican moved slowly, stretching out its great wings in one fluid motion. It lifted its long bill to the sky and opened it briefly, then quickly snapped it shut. Our boat continued to move parallel to the pelican’s resting place, our movement causing me to crane my neck to keep sight of the individual.

As the pelican drifted away from my binocular’s…

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Monterey Pine Egret Colony in Alameda – A Photo Blog September 26, 2018

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Text and photos by Gerry Traucht

“Once almost hunted into extinction for the value of their feathers – an ounce of feathers surpassed the value of an ounce of gold – these birds were saved by the landmark Migratory Bird Treaty Act passed in 1918. In celebration of the MBTA centenary, 2018 has been named the Year of the Bird.”




A Great Egret, a majestic white bird with

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