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Are you thinking of traveling outside the Bay Area? Do you want to expand your life list while experiencing a different environment or a different culture? If so, consider these upcoming guided trips, all designed especially for GGAS. For information, a detailed itinerary, and registration, please contact GGAS Travel Coordinator Pat Kirkpatrick at or her assistant Alexis Hummel at

Each trip includes a registration fee that benefits Golden Gate Audubon’s conservation and environmental education programs. So you’re not only enjoying a terrific vacation, but you’re helping support Bay Area bird conservation!

We welcome suggestions for future trips. If you have been on a birding trip that was especially wonderful, experienced a terrific guide, or have a suggestion of an area to visit, please email Pat or Alexis.


North Slope, Barrow, Alaska

May 30 – June 2, 2015

Snowy Owl by Rich Cimino

Snowy Owl by Rich Cimino

The Barrow eco-region records hundreds of nesting Arctic bird species annually, including all four Eider species. The 2014 trip had a Four Eider Day!! Led by Rich Cimino of Yellow Billed Tours, you’ll also be looking for several specific species of shorebirds in breeding plumage which nest in the tundra, including the White-rumped, Baird’s, Pectoral, Curlew, Stilt and Buff-breasted Sandpipers. In 2014, we found a wonderful male Ruff displaying with white courtship plumes. This was a rare treat for the participants to observe. The 2014 birders spotted 7 Snowy Owls, Red Phalaropes and arctic nesting Savannah Sparrows. You will conduct a daily sea watch, scoping the leading edge of the sea ice. You might also see White-winged Scoter, Thick-billed Murre and numerous Red-throated and Pacific Loons. 

These trips are intense, often lasting 10 hours a day on non-paved roads. Be prepared for a great adventure.

COST: $2,675 per person, double occupancy. This includes lodging, ground transportation, and fuel. It does not include airfare or meals. Limited to 7 people. Arrive the evening of May 30 and depart the morning of June 2.

Contact Pat Kirkpatrick at or Alexis Hummel at for more information.


Northern Colombia

June 2-12, 2015

Black-crested Antshrike by Misty Vaughn

Black-crested Antshrike by Misty Vaughn

This trip is sold out.

Mark Pretti of Nature Tours will be your guide for an adventure in Northern Colombia, the most bird-rich country on Earth. The unique topography supports a great number of bird species, including 80 endemics and 109 near endemics. You will begin in the coastal lowlands home to a variety of ducks, cuckoos, parrots, wrens, tyrants and puffbirds. You will then head to Minca in the foothills to see several hummingbird species as well as thrush, tanagers and flycatchers. You will enjoy the Sierra’s cloud forest and see many forest bird species. Your lodge at 2000 meters will provide cooler weather and a fantastic variety of birds at the feeders and near the lodge, possibly even the elusive Santa Marta Screech Owl. You’ll continue to higher elevations to see siskins, plushcaps, tyrannulets, thrush, antpitta and treehunders. Finally, you will head to Play La Roca for a couple of days to explore lagoons and nearby forests where you will see monkeys, butterflies and Lance-tailed Manakin leks. Click here to see Mark Pretti’s description of the trip.

COST: $3,150 per person, double occupancy, includes all meals, lodging, entrance fees and transportation from Barranquilla. Airfare to and from Baranquilla is not included.  Limited to 8 people.

Contact Pat Kirkpatrick at or Alexis Hummel at for more information.


Newfoundland, Canada

July 12-18, 2015

Atlantic Puffin by Richard Bartz

Atlantic Puffin by Richard Bartz

You will fly in to St. John’s on July 12th. David Trently of Partnership for International Birding (PIB) will your guide beginning with a bit of birding at the lodge for anyone who arrives before dark. The following morning, you will go to Cape Spear, the most easterly point of land in North America. There are good chances to see up to four species of shearwaters (Cory’s, Great, Sooty and Manx). In addition to murres, puffins, kittiwakes, etc., you might also see jaegers and Humpback Whales. Later in the day, you will take a two-hour whale and seabird watching boat trip. You will travel to Witless Bay, Portugal Cove, Cape Race and Mistaken Point area to see a variety of seabirds and songbirds. At Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, add to your list thousands of Northern Gannets and Common Murres nesting. Thick-billed Murres and Great Cormorants, as well as Ptarmigan and Caribou. Finally, you will explore Terra Nova National Park where you will have your best chance for some nesting boreal land birds—Black-backed Woodpecker, Alder Flycatcher, Veery, Pine Grosbeak, Crossbills, Ruffed Grouse and Northern Goshawk, among many others. On the way to the airport, we will stop nearby for a last birding adventure.

COST: $2,090 per person, double occupancy (6 nights). This includes access fees, guide services, ground transport and airport transfers. It does not include airfare or meals, except for one. Limited to 10 participants.

Contact Pat Kirkpatrick at or Alexis Hummel at for more information. 


Formosa, Taiwan

Tentative Dates Oct. 22 – Nov. 3, 2015

Swinhoe's Pheasant

Swinhoe’s Pheasant

The lush mountainous island of Taiwan is a birder’s paradise. With over 680 recorded species, including 17 endemics, you are sure to add many lifers to your list. Eddie Bartley and Noreen Weeden of Nature Trip will act as your travel guides/agents and will join expert local guides to provide you with the best possibility of sighting the maximum number of birds. Highlights of your trip include birding in Taipei Botanic Garden and Wulai Aboriginal Cultural Center for Formosan Magpie and Black-browed Barbet; visiting Marble City of Hualien and Taroco Gorge looking for Styan’s Bulbul, Alpine Accenter and Taiwan Whistling Thrush; touring Hehuanshan in search of White-whiskered Laughing Thrush, Flamecrest, Vinaceous Rosefinch, Taiwan Barbet, etc.; taking a ride on the Alishan Forest Railway to see the famous sunrise over Zhushan while looking for White-eared Sibia; birding at Tataka and the slopes of Yushan searching for Yellow Tit, Rufous-crowned and Rusty Laughing-thrush, Taiwan Wren-Babbler, Mikado Pheasant, etc.; looking for shorebirds on the Zengwen River Estuary; and finally exploring Dasyueshan National Forest for Taiwan Partridge, Swinhoe’s Pheasant and Taiwan Barwing. No trip to Taiwan is complete without a visit to the night market in Taipei after a tour of the city. 

COST: $2,950 per person, double occupancy. This includes all transportation within Taiwan, all fees, taxes, meals, lodging, guide services and local medical insurance. It does NOT include air travel to Taipei and ground transportation to lodging in Taipei, nor dinner at the night market the last evening. 

Contact Pat Kirkpatrick at or Alexis Hummel at for more information.