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Making the case for biodiversity July 7, 2014

Posted by Jack Dumbacher in Conservation Western Scrub-jay on native Coyote Brush in San Francisco. Photo by Eddie Bartley.

By Jack Dumbacher

I have little doubt that as long as there are people to watch them, there will always be some birds to watch. But as birders, we understand that just seeing birds is not enough – we want diversity. It is not enough to have a life list of one species that you’ve seen really well. We want a long life list with many species. We want to count as many species as we can on each field trip. We want to see b…

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Forming a national network for bird-safe buildings June 29, 2014

Posted by Noreen Weeden in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon Some of the Bird-Safe Building Summit participants

By Noreen Weeden

Ten representatives from Audubon Society chapters and National Audubon staff came together in St. Paul, MN earlier this month to share ideas and strategies for protecting birds from building collisions.

I was excited to be part of this group, representing Golden Gate Audubon Society and the Pacific Flyway. GGAS has been in the forefront on this issue, successfully pushing for Bird-Sa

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Protect the Mokelumne River & its bird habitat June 19, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon North Fork of the Mokelumne / Courtesy of Foothill Conservancy

Editor’s note: Make your voice heard! Email state legislators today about protecting the Mokelumne River. There is an important hearing on Monday June 23.

By Andrea Cassidy

The Mokelumne River in the central Sierra Nevada may seem far from the Bay Area, but we have a vital connection: It’s the source for much of our drinking water through the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

Friends of t…

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Alameda Point Ospreys face nesting disruption June 16, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Birding, Conservation Osprey on nest at Alameda Point / Photo by Richard Bangert

By Richard Bangert

In early June a pair of returning Ospreys looked ready for the day in their newly made nest atop a parking lot light pole at Alameda Point, but they had no chicks to attend to.  The pair’s first nest this season — on a nearby ship — had been removed while they were building it. Their second attempt faced interference from another Osprey. By June, hopes for fledglings th

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In memory of Jay Holcomb June 11, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Conservation Jay Holcomb / Photo courtesy of International Bird Rescue

Jay Holcomb, Executive Director of International Bird Rescue in Fairfield, passed away from cancer on Tuesday June 10 at the age of 63. Many Golden Gate Audubon Society members knew Jay from his leadership in bird rescue emergencies like the Cosco Busan oil spill.  GGAS Executive Director Cindy Margulis worked with Jay as a volunteer at IBR and offers this tribute.

By Cindy Margulis

Jay Holcomb was a gi…

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Oakland Night-Herons released at MLK Shoreline June 10, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Birding, Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon Black-crowned Night Heron after release / Photo by Rick Lewis

By Ilana DeBare

Golden Gate Audubon joined International Bird Rescue on Saturday to release four of the juvenile Black-crowned Night-Herons that had been displaced and injured in a downtown Oakland tree trimming incident that drew national attention.

Five young herons had been rescued by volunteers in May when the U.S, Postal Service hired tree trimmers to prune trees filled with heron and egret ne…

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Treating condors for lead at the Oakland Zoo May 16, 2014

Posted by GGAS in Birding, Conservation Condor in Pinnacles National Park / Photo by Ilana DeBare

By Holly Bern

I’d be thrilled to announce that a healthy condor had made its way into the East Bay, but, alas, it is a sick bird that has come to the Oakland Zoo to be treated for lead poisoning.

On May 1, the Oakland Zoo received its first California Condor as part of the Condor Recovery Program, in partnership with the Ventana Wildlife Society, Los Angeles Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and Pinnacles National Park. …

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