Making it work on the South Coast July 16, 2014

Posted by Phila Rogers in Birding

By Phila Rogers

I don’t think I could have written these words even two months ago because I was still unreconciled to my move to Santa Barbara. This is NOT my home, I would have told you. And then I would begin my rant. Where are the robins to sing up the dawn? Where are the chickadees chattering in the oaks, or the Great-horned Owls hooting at dusk from the eucalyptus?

Nothing was right. Here, it is a cacophony …

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A fallen sparrow spurs a bird-friendly schoolyard July 10, 2014

Posted by Anthony DeCicco in Golden Gate Audubon, Nature Education

By Anthony DeCicco 

Imagine you are a Golden-crowned Sparrow. You hatched in 2013 on the shrubby lowland tundra of Middleton Island, about 80 miles off the coast of Alaska. You were banded on September 15 of the same year, and eventually you make your natural journey southward along the Pacific Flyway.

You stop along forest edges, shrubs, chaparral, and backyards for about 2000 miles until you come to th…

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Making the case for biodiversity July 7, 2014

Posted by Jack Dumbacher in Conservation

By Jack Dumbacher

I have little doubt that as long as there are people to watch them, there will always be some birds to watch. But as birders, we understand that just seeing birds is not enough – we want diversity. It is not enough to have a life list of one species that you’ve seen really well. We want a long life list with many species. We want to count as many species as we can on each field trip. We want to see b…

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An Eco-Ed school year winds up at the ocean July 1, 2014

Posted by Marissa Ortega Welch in Golden Gate Audubon, Nature Education

By Marissa Ortega-Welch

Gathered in the cafeteria of their school at eight a.m. on a school day morning in June, the three third grade classes of Esperanza Elementary repeat after me, matching their hand motions to mine in a sort of a dance that they know well:

“Rain … Creek … Bay …. Ocean.”

“Can you do it faster?” I challenge them. “On the count of three…”

They barely wait for me to co…

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Forming a national network for bird-safe buildings June 29, 2014

Posted by Noreen Weeden in Conservation, Golden Gate Audubon

By Noreen Weeden

Ten representatives from Audubon Society chapters and National Audubon staff came together in St. Paul, MN earlier this month to share ideas and strategies for protecting birds from building collisions.

I was excited to be part of this group, representing Golden Gate Audubon Society and the Pacific Flyway. GGAS has been in the forefront on this issue, successfully pushing for Bird-Sa

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