Lights Out for Fall Migration

You can save birds’ lives!


More than 200 species of birds will pass through the Bay Area during fall migration season, which runs from late August through November. Because many birds navigate by the stars, bright nighttime lights can draw them off their path, disorient them, and lead to deadly window collisions.

Help save birds’ lives with some simple steps: Turn out lights or draw blinds between dusk and dawn. If you need to work late, use a desk lamp rather than overhead lights.

Lights Out saves electricity and money as well as birds’ lives! Share this information with your co-workers, building manager, and the maintenance crews that clean your workplace. You can find downloadable fact sheets and flyers, as well as links to rebates on energy-saving light timers and motion sensors,  at

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A century since the last Passenger Pigeon

By Ilana DeBare

This Monday September 1st will mark the 100th anniversary of the death in captivity of the last Passenger Pigeon.

Several months ago, I read Richard Rhodes’ fascinating biography of John James Audubon and was struck by Audubon’s description of the arrival and slaughter of a massive Passenge…

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Middle Harbor Shoreline: Birding Hotspot

By Maureen Lahiff

Come see a really good mudflat. Come see a really good restored mudflat.

From late July to early April, Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland hosts a wealth of water birds.   The encircling arms of the park make it easy to observe the mudflat fairly close up even when the tide is out, though having a spott…

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New SF program to prevent residential bird collisions

By Ilana DeBare

San Francisco already has one of the country’s first laws aimed at preventing bird-window collisions in new commercial buildings.

Now — with support from Golden Gate Audubon — the city is taking aim at the problem of bird-window collisions in private residences too.

The City Planni…

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